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Radioactive online subtitrat. Regizat de Marjane Satrapi, Radioactive este un film ambițios biografic despre Marie Curie care ne prezintă povestea ei din 1870 până în prezent, descoperirile dar și consecințele activității ei.

Filmul o urmărește pe Marie încă din zilele sale de pionieră tânără om de știință și imigrant polonez Marie Sklodowska la Paris, în jurul anilor 1890, și își urmează pașii în timp ce o întâlnește pe Pierre Curie (Sam Riley din „Maleficent”), graficând descoperirea lor a elementelor chimice poloniu și radio și, mai târziu, procesul de radioactivitate.

Tells the story of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie and her extraordinary scientific discoveries — through the prism of her marriage to husband Pierre — and the seismic and transformative effects their discovery of radium had on the 20th century. Consolata Boyle is no stranger to dressing actors as famous women. The Emmy-winning and three-time Oscar-nominated costume designer has helped Judi Dench become Queen Victoria (“Victoria and Abdul”), unlocked Margaret Thatcher for Meryl Streep (“The Iron Lady”) and opened the wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth II for Helen Mirren (“The Queen”). Now she takes on scientific royalty by channeling the world of Marie Curie for Rosamund Pike in Radioactive, which Amazon Studios begins streaming July 24. Radioactive online subtitrat

The film follows Marie from her days as pioneering young scientist and Polish immigrant Marie Sklodowska in Paris, circa 1890s, and traces her steps as she meets Pierre Curie (Sam Riley of “Maleficent”), charting their discovery of the chemical elements polonium and radium and, later, the process of radioactivity. Working with “Persepolis” director Marjane Satrapi, Boyle was pleased to discover that there were many existing visual references concerning Curie that she could call on, including her family. Moreover, with the character being at the forefront of science, there was no shortage of information in that area. “Everything was so well recorded,” Boyle says.

When we first meet a young Marie, she’s walking through a park in Paris and encounters Pierre for the first time. She’s wearing an off-white linen blouse with a long skirt and a hat. The inspiration for the look came from a photograph that was said to be Pierre’s favorite — one of Marie as a girl.

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Filmul Radioactive (2020), s-a lansat in 11 martie 2020, si face parte din categoria filmelor drama. Vizioneaza film-ul Radioactive online subtitrat in limba romana pe siteul nostru. Distribuie, sau scrie parerea ta despre acest film. Vizionare placuta!


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